Today our students went to visit the Reiner Upcycling marketplace at Le Printemps with Jacinda Carlisle.
Reiner what is it?
Reiner is the first upcycling marketplace that brings together and supports upcycling fashion designers.
Shortly, for the history:
The project was born from a desire to bring together creators with unique know-how around upcycling and to support them in issues, beyond sales, which extend from sourcing to distribution but also 'brand image.

The marketplace was born at the end of the first lockdown and the site has been officially open since September 4, 2020.
The owners of the brand want quickly help creators by offering a professional catalog bringing together a number of raw materials at advantageous prices, digital services and increasingly regular events.
This is what our students have learned today, during they'r outside classes.
What a great experience one more time with Jacinda Carlisle. To discover Paris and fashion industry, same as Luxury places.