When you imagine your dream career, what thoughts come to mind?

Perhaps success, accomplishment, realization, recognition and appreciation are a few of the terms conjured.

At IC FOR MODELS, we support our community of students to craft their dream careers in the areas of art, luxury, beauty, fashion, culture, design and ceramics. It is our hope that they are guided to success, accomplishment, recognition, realization, appreciation and much more.

Our institution is unique, as it allows specialties in the areas luxury, art, beauty, fashion, culture, design and ceramics, together with a combination of theory and hands-on, practicality, which is immeasurable.

Our educational offerings include bachelor academic degrees, which allow our students to transition directly into their chosen field. Additionally, for those students who desire to showcase their skills and talents at an elevated level, the master academic degree is also available.  

The programs and trainings allow our students to not only learn the historical perspectives of their crafts, but also provides them with the opportunity to become knowledgeable in the skillsets they will utilize in their day-to-day professional environments.

Together with a talented team of professors, each from diverse backgrounds and careers, our students develop a mastery of the language, tools and expertise that will allow them to become proficient in their specializations – designing not only their dream careers, but their dream futures.