When one thinks of art and luxury, a host of ideas come to mind. One of the reasons IC FOR MODELS chose Paris as its primary campus is because of the spirit of inspiration that comes from the city.

Art, luxury, history, culture, architecture, beauty and fashion are merely a few terms that illicit the “feeling” of Paris.

As one walks throughout the streets of Paris, the beautiful storefronts of timeless design houses, museums and new designers dreaming of thriving in the city serve as inspiration.

For those desiring to learn techniques, theories and create a career in art and luxury, IC FOR MODELS is an excellent institution in which to begin the journey.

The IC FOR MODELS Bachelor in Art and Culture prepares our students for the business and practical aspects of this specialty, while also extending the opportunity to further evolve and pursue a Master’s Diploma.

The completion of the workshops and trainings provide our students with growth, knowledge and the expertise to succeed in the business world.

Equally, the IC FOR MODELS Bachelor in Luxury (also with a Master’s Diploma option) instructs our students in the sales, marketing and practical aspects of luxury, while offering the theoretical frameworks necessary to understand and supervise a team within the areas of luxury, fashion and beauty.

The educational programs and trainings at IC FOR MODELS are invaluable and we desire to assist our students with the tools they require for their careers – whether they choose to utilize their talents to flourish in Paris, or around the world.