Paris is a city of magic….one is inspired at every turn!

Whether through exploring a museum, viewing the street architecture and monuments or simply people-watching, the city ignites a glimmer of inspiration.

One of the key tenets of IC FOR MODELS is inspiration, largely courtesy of the city of Paris.

The spirit of the city fuels an ingenuity unlike any other – a global location where countless artists, designers, entrepreneurs and creatives have made their marks, showcasing their skills and talents to the world.

As the global capital of fashion, our selection of Paris as our campus location was inevitable.

Not only are our students surrounded by the constant beauty of this phenomenal city, but additionally enthralled by a diverse, cultural environment which further enhances their experiences in the worlds of art, fashion, design, ceramics, culture, beauty and luxury.

Much like the famous names of French craft persons that we all know and love (Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Gabrielle Chanel and Christian Dior, to name a few), our goal at IC FOR MODELS is to provide our students with the educational tools and experience in which to hone their crafts and develop their expertise.

It is our hope that they carry the inspiration, knowledge and expertise gained at IC FOR MODELS, as they develop their dream careers in Paris and across the world.