One of the universal threads that we, as a world, have in common, is communication.

Whether or not one speaks the language of a particular nation or city, we discover ways in which to effectively communicate with one another.

It is an invaluable, beautiful process of exploration – a transference from one human being to another.

As we value learning from one another, diversity plays a huge role in our culture at IC FOR MODELS.

Bringing together individuals from all cultures and backgrounds is one of the most compelling elements of our institution.

We welcome students from Paris and all around the world to participate in our educational trainings and offerings in art, culture, beauty, design, ceramics, luxury and fashion.

While traditional language is, of course, a valuable asset in the educational process and learning, it is the universal language of communication that allows our students to learn and grow from their professors, and one another.

Additionally, they are afforded the ability to carry the tools and skills learned at IC FOR MODELS with them throughout their desired professions and life.

At IC FOR MODELS, we recognize that communication, while universal, comes in a variety of forms, lending itself to a myriad of symbols and styles.

It is our hope that our educational environment fosters a well-rounded community of students who communicate on every level, displaying their unique talents and gifts in ways that best serve themselves, their communities and the world.